Coworkers SWAP LIVES & Families for a Day!

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Thanks to Nair Hair Removal for sponsoring this episode. Click here to learn how to Free Your Most Beautiful Self! Erin becomes a mom and Sinead becomes a wife We challenged two Clevver News hosts to switch lives & live a day in each others' shoes - and they learned a LOT! This is SWAPPED! SUBSCRIBE for MORE ►► Watch Pt 2 - YouTubers Swap Lives! ► Watch Pt 1 - Best Friends Swap Lives! ► One is a millennial wife with no kids. The other is a young mom living with her 2-year-old son and extended family. Clevver News Hosts Erin Robinson and Sinead de Vries have very similar jobs but VERY DIFFERENT home lives. So what happens when they switch families for a day? Erin babysits Harrison and learns what it takes to be a parent – diapers, temper tantrums, car seats and all. Meanwhile, Sinead lives a day of "blissful" married life with Matt and takes on cooking a meal from scratch and then – salsa dancing?? Stay tuned for SWAPPED! Pt 4 – when actor/athlete Jarrett and reality tv star Ashley I switch lives for a day! TALK TO US ABOUT THE EPISODE! For More Clevver: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Keep up with us on Instagram: Add us to your circles on Google+: Find us on Snapchat: ClevverTV This is a sponsored video.

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